La rue Kereon (Street Kereon)

version française

In 1672, the traveller Jouvin de Rochefort already described the street Kereon as the nicest in Quimper-Corentin. Jouvin de Rochefort did not speak Breton and he believed to understand that the street was named , street of Crayons (pencils)... The word "kereon" is in fact the plural from "kere", which means cobbler.

The street was redesigned after the great fire of 1762, but still one can see non aligned houses with wooden pieces which have avoided destruction . In number 9, a jagged scenery may be seen under the cornice and 3 characters carved in the posts; it is a very rare polychrome scenery of Quimper. The number 14, at the corner of the street des Boucheries, is a house built in 1552 which facade is a classified monument. Remarkable double windows opening towards the outside and the inside to be protected from wind, rain while keeping the maximum of light.

At the corner of the street Kereon and the street Saint Francois is a house from the XVIIIth century: a long wall of granite stones which joints in sand and lime have just been remade. This wall supports a gable with wood pieces very sober and without corbelled.