The Jacquelot

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Contribution from Bernard Mercier de Lépinay [].

The armories of the Jacquelot de Boisrouvray

Nowadays , the family of Jacquelot is quite numerous , even if those who are so named are less numerous. They are now 10 years, a great meeting was held (roughly 400 persons) with the descendants from Bernardin de Jacquelot du Boisrouvray, who was the first president from the Parliament of Brittany, just before the French Revolution and who after an end of life a little wandering in exile, died in Quimper in 1812. This good man, has got 20 children (from two women: 1 from the first, 19 from the second) whom three have got descendants still existing. The eldest branch (from which is coming my grandmother), descendant from Charles-Adolphe (born in London around 1795), has at least 10 male persons still in live such named. After the decease, there is 8 years of my granduncle the Earl Charles de Jacquelot du Boisrouvray (dead billionaire because he was married to the daughter from Simon Patino, "king" of tin, only letting a daughter, Albina, who was locally famous as producer of movies), the chief of name and arms is his cousin, my other granduncle Bernard de Jacquelot du Boisrouvray, who lives in Férel (Morbihan), and is more than 90 years old. He has a son and two little sons still alive.

Bernard de Lépinay is writing a biographical note about the past Jacquelot, soon available on WWW Kemper.