Le quartier des Halles (The area of the Market)

version française

It is the place of the old convent of Franciscan (monks) founded in 1232 by the Bishop Rainaud. Chapel, graveyard , buildings, cloister and gardens occupied in that time a very great space in the centre of the episcopal Quimper . The convent is sold during the french Revolution, there e were established a factory then a clog-maker workshop. Those projects are abandoned and the place became a a quarry of stones to feed the building industry in Quimper during the XVIIIth century, and then it became a junkyard and a dumping ground.

In 1846, Colonel Astor, mayor from Quimper, confided to the architect Joseph Bigot a project of rehabilitation of the area. Bigot built a covered market in spite of the protests of Quimper shopkeepers who feared a new concurrence and a new drawings of the nearby streets: Amiral de la Grandière, quais du Steir, rue des Halles and street Astor.

In the night of the 27th August 1976, a huge fire deleted the covered market. They were rebuilt by the architects Le Berre, Lachaud and Bizouarn in a modern style but well integrated in the design of the city. The big roof in deep slope recalls those of the small chapels in the surrounding countryside. In the centre of the building , a strong framework in fir supported a glass wall which gives to the truck farmer stalls a very good light in a true atmosphere of market. On the sides of the market, some paths lined with workshops, the fishes and shellfish market. On the first floor a restaurant and a exhibition hall. Outside the square where is installed the great outside market , each wednesday and saturday, one of the most animated place of the city saturday morning.