La rue Elie Fréron (Street Elie Fréon)

version française

It was in the past the rue Obscure (Dark). This street was darken by the corbelled houses lining the street. This main exit from the city towards Brest and the animals market (which was located at the end of the street, place du Champ de Foire) was enlarged to solve the inextricable problems of circulation created by it.

At the number 22: old hotel Jacquelot de Boisrouvray, mansion from the XVIIth century with the front on the street , strongly encorbelled with partition on the first floor, it disappears after , high original windows and pieces of wood tight and vertical, in front only.

At the number 18: the Editions Calligrammes. Small printings of great books and very poetic texts. "Nous voulons des écrivains qui travaillent les mots, la langue". "We want writers who shapes the words and the language". Mireille and Bernard Guillemot have published Georges Perros, Xavier Grall, R. Judrin, Jules Grenier, Louis Guilloux.