Wheat Pancakes (crêpes)

version française

They are also called "sweet pancakes" in Brittany, in contrast with the buckwheat pancakes which are generally salted. It is possible to garnish them with many things, as proposed by modern pancake shop to attract the Parisians. Nevertheless at the beginning, the pancakes were a meal for poor people and the best garnish was butter...

Ingredients :

500 g of flour, 6 eggs, 400 g of powder sugar, a big knob of melted butter (half-salt), 1 liquor glass of rum or fruit brandy (at least), milk, water.
Mix flour and sugar. Mix little by little with the milk and some lukewarm water while slowly kneading the dough with a wooden spatula or bare hands. Blend the melted butter with the dough. Leave to rest the dough a few hours.

When the dough rests, warm up the bilig (special tool to cook the pancakes, round metal sheet) Grease the warm bilig with a mix of butter and lard, put the dough on the bilig and spread with a special spatula (called rosel). Let become brown then turn the pancake.

For the Parisians who have no bilig, they can find this cooking basic material place au Beurre in Quimper. Pancakes must not be made in a frying pan.