Creach Gwen

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Creach Gwen is the biggest sport and leisure complex of Quimper: the Beach of poors from the years 1920 has been deeply modified ! It is now an area of relaxation and leisure laid out on the shores of the Bay of Kérogan all around the pond of Lanniron. There is an area of games for the children, nine tennis courts covered or in open air, some initiation sessions of archery , an ice rink opened all the year. It is possible to practise here : sailing and sailboard all over the year in a safe way, to go for a walk , to do some bike on the surrounding lanes. A botanical route around the stretch of water created since 1981 enables to discover the characteristic flora from soft water swamps, with a little influence of the salt coming from the tides which come in again the Odet reaching the city of Quimper.

The swimming pool Aquarium (1991) is a "great sparkling shell forgotten on the shore by an equinox floodtide , a night of tempest, a sea vessel having dropped the anchor in a nowadays sanded up bay... or steamship ready to cast off. Following the rhythm of tides, the shape is modified." The architecture of Alain Sarfati is particularly adapted and well integrated in the natural landscape.