The Museum of Beaux Arts

40, place Saint Corentin
29000 Quimper
Telephone : (33) 98 95 45 20

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The history of the Museum of Beaux Arts starts in 1864, when Jean-Marie de Silguy decided to bequeath his very beautiful collection of paintings and drawings to the city of Quimper, with the only condition for the city to build a museum to put it. The city agreed and the museum inaugurated in 1872. It is since one of the most interesting and famous museum from Province. The museum of Beaux Arts has been remodelled in 1989 by the architect Jean-Paul Philippon. The architectural project is not only an extension, it completely restructured the old museum, without modifying the Bigot facade which is on the side of Saint Corentin Square.

In spite of the limited size of the city of Quimper, its museum of Beaux Arts is renowned for the quality and the interest of its collections. One may find :