The Breton Coffee : Le Breizh Kafé

version française

Recipe given by Jean-Yves Coail. Warning this recipe which seems easy may become dangerous after the third glass. Take care.

Ingredients: Coffee, lambic, liquid fresh cream, icing sugar (a little).
Make some coffee, until there it is Ok. During that time, warm the lambic in a saucepan and mix the fresh cream with icing sugar. Pour the coffee into great glasses one for each guest. Pour in equal parts the lambic in each glass (otherwise people may be jealous). Then , koager (bend) a little spoon so as to be able to get down in the glass until the surface of coffee. Pour delicately the sweet cream on the little spoon so as not to mix the cream with the coffee. When it is finished, it is ready (of course !). Taste first with the eyes , then with the mouth. And do not forget the "Yec'het mad" (cheers !).