La rue des Boucheries ou "rue des Etaux" (Butcher street or "street of Vices")

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In medieval times there were the stalls from tripe sellers, pork butchers, butchers, who according to the police 's rules could not cut up the meat anywhere else. Animals were killed in the street itself or at Maez Gloaguen (location of the old jail in which was put the famous Vidocq). The wastes were evacuated by the bottom of the street until Odet. Due to such a situation many problems of hygiene arrived, many epidemics of cholera until the XVIIth century. An official report from the end of the XVIIIth century explains that "Quimper is infected by refuses and vapours coming from the hot water pot and the slaughter of animals both located at the highest place of the city, which is the most airy and so at the origin of great diseases and often deaths."

Nevertheless in XVIIth and XVIIIth centuries new well-off classes establish themselves in the district following the general modification of the city< href="histoire.html#pierre"> the city renewal , lawyers, mainly, prosecutors, attorneys , notaries.