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Pont l'Abbé, small city of about 9000 inhabitants, is the capital of the Bigouden Country and its biggest city.

Pont-l'Abbé 's name comes from a bridge (pont in french) which would have been built, in that place, before the 10th century by the Abbots of Loctudy. It was during the medieval period a powerful barony whose lords are known since the twelfth century. Through the impetus given by the Baron Herve the third du Pont, in the 13th century, the first quay was built. With his wife Péronnelle de Rochefort, the Baron Herve founded the Convent of Carmes (1383), the Hospital and the Saint-Jean Chapel.

In 1590, during the tumultuous period of the League, the Pont-l'Abbé castle belonged to the defenders of the king party. It was defended by a man named Tréogat from Locronan, but nevertheless it was besieged and sacked by the supporters from the League. The castle was again looted and burnt in 1675 by the peasants revolted against the taxation of stamped paper.

Today the old castle from the Barons du Pont is reduced to a great building from the 18th century, flanked by a big round tower from the 15th century, with a very thin turret with a belltower. It is now used as a the Townhall and the tower contains the Bigouden Museum.

Contribution de Régis Andro [andro@eis.enac.dgac.fr].