The Bigouden Headland

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The commune from the Guilvinec was in the past included in the one of Plomeur in the North. But as that it was once an hamlet became bigger and bigger , a commune was created by a decree from the 6th of april 1880. The parish was established in 1883.

The Guilvinec is the first craft fishing port in France (14000 tons of fishes unloaded in 1991). The arrival of the coastal trawlers and the sale by auction (every day from monday to friday , from 4h30 PM to 6PM) offers a colourful spectacle always renewed.

The name Guilvinec would come from the Breton "Ar Guilveneg" : the rocky village.

Penmarc'h is the second bigouden commune by the number of its inhabitants (6300). The commune from Penmarc'h has 3 distinct fishing ports : Kérity, Saint-Guénolé and Saint-Pierre.

At the beginning of this century Saint-Guénolé was favoured, it is today the second bigouden port with a sale by auction place, mechanized handling, a cool stocking in the sale by auction place and a computerized sale.

The lighthouse from Eckmühl (visible in the background of the above picture) was inaugurated in 1897. It is a gift from the familly of the Prince from Echmül. The lighthouse is 65 meters high, and its fire, every 5 seconds, may be seen from the sea , as far as 30 km. You need to climb 307 steps to access the lantern at the top of the lighthouse. The tower is entirely built in granite from Kersanton, the inside is in opaline and polished brass. A chapel from the 15th century is located at its bottom.

Contribution from Régis Andro [].