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The Bigouden country is located at the south-east headland of the Finistere. It is a region with strong traditions which forms a cultural and ethnographical entity separated from the rest of the Brittany.

Mainly known (and recognized..) for the high cylindrical headdress which was worn by the women, the Bigouden country offers a rich historical and cultural patrimony. It is open on an important maritime coast going from the huge Bay of Audierne flat and sandy to the rocky coasts of Penmarc'h and of Guilvinec. The inside of the country is green and woody, it contains many archaeological and historical remains.

The Bigouden littoral lined with low coasts where shores and dunes alternate with rocks and reefs, invites to endless and impressive walks near the Rocks of Saint-Guénolé or at the headland of la Torche.

(Scale : Penmarc'h-Plomeur = 5 km)

Contribution of Régis Andro [].