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Concentrate yourself. FORGET your neighbour who fiercely and relentlessly hits his keyboard (yes, i know , it is not easy). Soon after, the blow of your computer, that you think would have been omnipresent , vanishes from your mind to let the place to the sound of the powerful rollers that break on the rocks. So here you are at the Headland of La Torche.

LOOK around you!

To your left , you distinctly see the headland of Penmarc'h. To your right, the boundless beach of the Bay of Audierne stretches as far as the eye can see. Today, inspite of the cloudy weather, it is possible to see the coast of Plozévet. The wind heavy with sea sprays, whips your face.

Enlivening, isn'it? Since how long did you do not have REALLY BREATHE ?

The Headland of La Torche has gained an international renown thanks to the worldwide championship of funboard which was organized here during five successive years.

A long time ago before anyone has the idea to use a funboard here, our ancestors have already made from it a special place as testify all the prehistoric vestiges (and others...) gathered along the centuries in the surroundings. In this remote time, La Torche was only a rocky hill, isolated among low grounds, like a milestone showing the end of the world. With the help of time and erosion, it has been transformed in a peninsula , only granitic overhang in the middle of the sea , among the boundless sandy spaces of the Bay of Audierne.

Among the centuries different activities , linked to the natural environment have been done here : extraction of sand and gravels, making of soda, fishing in the Bay of Audierne, farming of vegetables and more recently flowers. And, if at each period the life at the Headland of La Torche has got a main activity , nowadays its play vocation predominates:

The activities practised at La Torche

Contribution of Régis Andro [].