The Bigouden flag

version française

The bigouden flag repeats the orange and yellow colours from the traditional costumes. It is composed of 23 ermines depicting the 20 communes of the bigouden countries and the 3 communes which are administratively attached to it (Gourlizon, Guilers et Plonéis).

The 2 yellow bands symbolize the old districts of the Bigouden Country : Pont-l'Abbé and Plogastel-Saint- Germain.

The flag has been designed by Mr LeBrun, expert on heraldry in Quimper.

The Breton flag

The famous flag Gwen ha du (white and black) created in 1923 by the architect Morvan Marchal. It has flied for the first time at the exposition of the Arts Decoratifs in Parisien 1925.

Its composition recalls the the old subdivisions of Brittany.:

This flag succeeded to the flag white with a black cross which was attributed to the Brittany in 1188 by the pope Grégoire VIII.

Contribution de Régis Andro [].