The bagpipes

version française

The bagpipes (biniou in breton) are the same than those used by the scottish pipers from the Highlands. This sort of bagpipe has been introduced in Brittany at the beginning of our century but mainly since the creation of the first groups of bagpipes, bombardes , drums , 45 years ago.

The ringer blows in a blow pipe so as to block the air in a leather bag (or in "Goretex") maintained under the arm. This air is sent in four elements each with a reed .

On the pipe with eight holes (chanter) the melody is played, the sound is produced by a double reed.

The drones, two tenors and one bass thanks to reed with beating plate produce a continuous sound and playing the role of a pedal of organ. The pressure of air received by these elements is constant and to separate the notes of same pitch on the pipe, the ringer uses a specific fingering technique (grace notes, doublings).

The Kemper Bagad is composed of twelve to fourtheen ringers of bagpipes.

Contribution Olivier Couet []