Wednesday July,19

"Danses entre chien et loup" : a mixed reception

The dance show sponsored by the Kendalc'h federation to celebrate their 50th birthday did not attract a large audience at the amphitheatre. In spite of the 5 sets of themes proposed, namely order and disorder,the individual and the community, emotion and indifference, normality and abnormality, the show under the direction of Patrick Jehanno undeniably fell short of people's expectations.

Closely sticking to tradition, the 200 dancers looked more like puppets than inspired artists. Patrick Jehanno, however, keeps pretending he is a director and not a choreographer. As he explained earlier in the afternoon,"I direct actors, not dancers". "Danses entre chien et loup" conjures up that time of the day called dusk, when the ghostly scenery stands out against the glow of sunset.The show uses those images to offer a new view of the Breton Dance on stage today.

To conciliate tradition and modernity has already been the subject of many previous bets. It looks as though the Kendalc'h creation failed to achieve this goal.Be that as it may, the 2000 vintage hasn't kept its promises so far: only half of the amphitheatre was filled and as for the mood of the audience, it was no fun !