Monday, July 17

Opening performance at the amphitheatre : a success

A dazzling sun and a numerous audience reserved a warm welcome for the charming, fiery Israeli singer, Noa. Whether it is in English, Yemeni, sometimes in Hebrew or even in French,the artist alternately sings her commitment to peace and the secret of her conflicting emotions with the same strength and the same incredible lust for life. Feeling much at ease on stage, enjoying dancing to her songs,she gracefully passes from the percussions to this little wind instrument which she plays mischievously at the front of the stage.

Her musical experiments with Florent Pagny, Sting, Carlos Nunez, Stevie Wonder and the great Carlos Santana have nurtured her strong commitment to peace, particularly at the 1995 Tel Aviv Peace Rally during which Prime Minister Yitsrak Rabin was murdered. Of course Noa sang her hits, but she didn't forget to perform her new compositions which explore the "emotional origins of communication". Indeed, her talent at communicating is undeniable. No sooner had she ended her show in Quimper than she flew to Amsterdam where she is scheduled to perform tonight.