Thursday, July 20

Hévia : the knack of captivating the audience

Hévia's music has this little plus that gives it its originality : it's unique. Starting with a simple idea :why would the bagpipes only be used to play traditional music ? Wouldn't it be possible to integrate the instrument into a jazz or rock band ? José Angel Hévia indisputably belongs to this new race of conquerors following the pathway paved by artists like Alan Stivell. He adds electronic sounds to the ancestral tones of the bagpipes at the risk of displeasing some people. Hévia's music also stands out for the richness of the voices.

José Hévia primarily aims at demonstrating that beyond the traditional instrument the bagpipes wouldn't sound bad in modern music groups. Too few spectators were split into 2 groups : the classical ones, seated on the tiers, and the fans gathered together in front of the stage. As his famous predecessors used to do, Hévia held his audience spellbound and fascinated by the performance.

The singer got a big hand and came back on stage for three encores before taking his leave of the "warm" Quimper audience. A very first-rate performance:unfortunately in front of many vacant seats. As the proverb goes "it's always the people who aren't there that get the blame", but it was true for last night.