In 1890, the plans of a new 54,20 meters high lighthouse were draw up. The project was approved on 25th of May, but special circumstances delayed the lighthouse building .

On October, the 7th, madam Adelaide-Louise Davout d'Eckmuhl, Marquise de Blocqueville died in Paris. In her
wishes, dated from Febuary 2nd 1885, she devoted 300 000 F.F. to the errection of a lighthouse bearring the name Eckmuhl, somewhere in Britanny, on a dangerous head.
A commission composed of Marquise's friends and representants of French governement choose Penmarc'h. located 120 meters east of the existing lighthouse, the top of the lighthouse is 60 meters above the tide up level.

This new project, more important than first ones, is using nobles materials was carried out. The work began in September 1893. The inauguration took place in October 1897, instead of September 1895.

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