In 1830 the lighthouse comission decided to build a solid lighthouse on headland. The light should stand at least 40 meters up to highest tide level. The construction began in 1831 and finished in 1835. During that period, the an II lighthouse is demolished.

On the 20th November 1835, the 2nd lighthouse is on work. It's optical system was made with 16 De Frenel's lenses . It worked with vegetal oil. The maintenance and supervision were performed by 5 men and their chief. Flashes followed themselves with a half minute interval, and it's range was , by fair weather, 7 marine leagues.

In 1886, it was decided to equip the lighthouse with electricity, but the light should stand 60 meters high. Tthe lighthouse heigh was only 39,50 meters, and it was impossible to change it. Today, this lighhouse is equiped for exhibitions and open to public from May to October.